Friday, July 1, 2011

Cheetah vs. Leopard

First things first. I started to write "Leopard Shoes" as the title for this post, and then I realized they could be "Cheetah Shoes". "What is the difference between leopard print and cheetah print?", I wondered to myself. And a quick google search revealed the answer. So I shall share that answer with you fine people.

Okay the top animal is a leopard. The bottom is a cheetah. This makes sense because cheetahs are the fastest land animals (I'm teaching so much), so it follows that they would be bigger and have longer legs than the little old leopard. Besides size, we can see that the spots are a bit different. Leopard spots have a circle in the middle. Leopard spots are a bit broken up, whereas the cheetah spots are, for the most part, solid. So anyways, enough of the tutorial. Here are my new "Cheetah Print" shoes!

By the way, they were three dollars. I die!

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