Thursday, July 14, 2011

California Girls

So I mentioned my trip to California some days ago. I have since returned and it was a lovely time! Keke always knows how to give me a good ol' time. We were literally on the beach for no less than seven hours everyday. So, I'm sporting the best tan I've had in YEARS. And yet, when I stand next to normally-hued people, I still look incredibly pale. You can't win 'em all, bucko.

coolest girl i know

If you're wondering about the green shirt I'm wearing, I made it! I mean, I didn't weave it or anything, but I use scissors with the best of them. I got a lot of compliments on it during the trip, so I thought I'd share my knowledge. Directions: Buy a $1.00 shirt at a thrift store. Cut off the bottom seam of the main portion of the shirt and the sleeves to remove the stiching. Then cut upward strips in the body of the shirt and sleeves as high as you feel comfortable (try it on and see where your boobs are in the shirt in case you don't want those showing...if you do, more power to you. the boys will love it.). That's pretty much it. Oh, I widened the neckline so it could fall over one shoulder. Just cut an oval up top. Hah. I'm a professional seamstress, can't you tell? I actually did take a sewing class in college, but I've remembered the bare minimum. Might be just your average bear.

So I hope you've enjoyed my highly professional tutorial!

Happy summer time!

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