Friday, July 15, 2011

Shopping Showcase

I went thrift shopping with my ma and got some great things! All of these shirts were four dollars or less. Isn't that insane!!!?!?!? I feel stupid paying normal price for t-shirts nowadays when I see deals like these. And honestly the quality of the craftsmanship and materials are way better than at H and M or Forever 21. (DISCLAIMER: I'm not hating on them. I go there too and get some cute things, but for the most part, I have become a thrift store gal. I'm a penny-pincher. I get it from my Czechoslovakian grandmother.) But honestly, I got a 100% silk top for two dollars. That's crazy talk.

So, here are my finds. (DISCLAIMER #2: My mother thinks that half the time I dress like an old man. This is true. I just like loose-fitting things, I guess. Not sure why. I'm not insecure about my body. I just like comfort. My ma says when I was little, she tried to dress me in frilly dresses and bows and shiny white patent leather pumps, but I would change immediately into a shirt and shorts. I was born this way, I guess. But I'm a gemini, so the other half of the time I'm in pretty dresses. Contradictions. Contradictions.)

Yep, all of this was $14.50 total. Makes me feel silly paying $45 for a top.

100% silk.

i'm a flannel junkie. and this is a light cotton, so it's wearable during the summer.

i LIVE in this.

probably the most controversial top of the bunch. definitely old man chic.

always makes me feel just a bit french.

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