Thursday, December 1, 2011

White Christmas

It's officially December and Christmas time is here! I was lucky enough to steal a moment at home to decorate my tree this weekend. I ate candy canes. I wore a Santa hat. It was glorious. I will spare you pictures. It's nothing you need to see, trust me. But in the spirit of things, I wanted to share the best kept secret of Christmas: the movie, White Christmas. It is the happiest, cheeriest, musicaliest of all the Christmas movies I've ever seen. It's a yearly tradition and it really puts me in the mood for all the tinsel and lights. It's truly a must-see! Here is a trailer for it:

By the way, this trailer is epic. It's interesting to see how film styles and even trailer styles change so much over the years.

Lauren's Rating: 10 song-and-dances out of 10 Bing Crosbys 
Thanks to Amazon for the pic.