Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Been A Long Time But I'm Back In Town

Dear reader, so sorry for the delay in posts. I've had a crazy few months. Here's an abbreviated version so you don't stay so mad at me (I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat to see what I've been up to):

March/ April: Enjoyed a lovely stint as Antonia in Man of La Mancha. I was singing up a storm for the first time since high school. I used to do musicals all the time back then, but in recent years I've been focusing primarily on acting in plays and such. But the day had come, once again, for Lauren to sing! Imagine an angelsong twinkling overhead and you get an idea of what audience members were privy to.

April/ May: After a few auditions, I have secured some summer work! Not sure if I've mentioned this in earlier posts, but I'm an case that wasn't clear. I get to play Kim, a sexy seductress (direct quote from the script--no lies), in the Lightray Productions film entitled Orn. Now I know this may be confused with Porn especially given the above character description--see "sexy seductress"--but besides the few sex scenes I have, it is purely a professional horror film. Oh man, my parents are proud.

Also, I've been cast in The Viral Movie, a web series, and Reckless Abandon, a film. I haven't started filming either of those yet, so I don't have too much information on those. Apparently, directors like keeping secrets until the last possible moment (acting tidbit #186). 

In more personal news, I've gotten a new nephew! In May Andrew Loren Thompson was added to my clan, and we are so happy to have him. He is an adorable bundle of love. I'd forgotten how therapeutic baby-holding was until he came around. Honestly, anyone going through a difficult/stressful/overworked/emotional time, just hold a baby and the woes of the world begin to fade away. For clarification, this baby to the left is not my nephew. In fact, I suspect this is a girl baby. But, isn't she the cutest thing ever? Stress is melting away as we speak as I write.

May/ June: The past few days I've been trip planning (!) amidst other things. A trip to Orange County is on the horizon, and (cross your fingers) a trip to Hawaii. So, we've got some money to spend and some fun to have.

Again, sorry for the absence. But I've got to say, I've missed you--and this. I've been creating mini-blog posts in my head, just waiting for the time and motivation. And here it is! I guess it's just something about you and I

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