Friday, June 24, 2011

The Checking of the Self

Guess what guys? I just got cast in another web series! Holla! It's called Self-Checkout. The writer sent me the script last night, and it's really good! I laughed quite a bit, and I'm loving my character. It's about slackers working the night shift at a grocery store and how much they hate their jobs and what they do to stave off boredom. I'm the "leading lady love interest". Sexy time! There's gonna be a lot of boobs flying about.

I'm relieved that my old age is paying off, because for the longest time I would get cast as the best friend/young girl/supporting lady, and now I'm getting cast as leading lady! What a relief. I thought I was permanently in the role of "not vibrant enough to be the main girl in a play or film or short". Perhaps I'm no Barbara, but I do try awfully hard! So I'm happy. The web series is a bit reminiscent of Party Down on Starz. Here's a lil scene from it:

And it's similar to the scenes in The 40-Year-Old Virgin when they're working at the electronics store.

I'm going to be famous yet.

Once it's filmed and I have more information on how ya'll can watch it, I'll let you know. I promise, I PROMISE you will not be kept in the dark.


Thanks for your comments! I love to hear what you guys think! Kisses.