Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yellow On My Legs

I've decided...not contrarily or just to be annoying, but rather for my own comfort, to not do the typical "look at me in my pretty clothes" type of blogging. Not that those blogs don't have their own value. I frequent them like any other girl who just wants to look pretty in pretty clothes. My eternal struggle is that a. I don't have the money to pull off that type of blog (hint hint to any designers who want to give me free things. I WILL WEAR THEM.) and b. I don't really take myself seriously enough to be good at that type of blog. So. Here is my version. Yes I will make weird faces and pose in ways that real models shouldn't. That is just a risk you are taking by being around me. So for you young models out there who were hoping for a free lesson, keep a-walking, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

I should preface these upcoming pictures by saying the lighting was what I was "going for" and entirely "intentional". Mostly I just wanted to show off my new happy yellow Fabrizio Gianni pants and my STRAWBERRY shoes (!!) which I've been meaning to show ya'll but I just haven't gotten around to it. I have other things in my life, ya know. 

And if you had asked me what was in the red cup when I took these pictures...I would have replied "AGUA!!!" with hardly any slur at all.

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