Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Bears

Hey guys!

It seems I've been doing a lot of vacationing lately... my life is so very difficult. I have a trip to San Antonio, Texas planned in a few weeks, and a trip to Tucson, Arizona in the works. And this past weekend, I spent my time in Big Bear Lake, California. Not IN the lake, in case you were curious. I'm not an animal. But we did some hiking, listened to some great music provided by my hippie uncle, and drank. A lot. Like I said, I live a troubled existence. NAHT.

Here's some pictures of the family time!

Modeling some hats we bought in Big Bear by Hatley. Mine says "Make the Moose Out of Life" with a canoeing moose and Macy says "Tree Hugger" with a pic of a bear hugging a tree. Cheeky.

Alpine Slides. Not just for kids.

Look who we met! Scott Disick--aka "guy who lives off the Kardashians".

Just some of the lovely ladies in my family.

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