Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Snippy Snip Craft Time!

I've been feeling a bit...creative with my clothes lately. Because really, if I won't wear a certain pair of jeans as jeans, but I will wear them as cut-offs, then, man, I just gotta live my life. So the scissors were brought out and I wreaked damage on some of my old standbys. It was liberating. I felt like a free woman. And you can too! For only $19.99 a month all this could be yours! Just kidding. I'm as free as candy on Halloween.

Mu Jeans--now shorts!

pink vintage Palmetto's--shorn

 I'm sure you can probably see that I didn't cut the yellow Fabrizio Gianni jeans, but they were just so cute I had to show them to you!

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