Sunday, August 21, 2011

Book of The Foreseeable Future: One Day

'Ello you fine folks! In another installment of "Book of the Foreseeable Future," I bring to you: One Day by David Nicholls. This was a truly lovely book. I carried this all around Big Bear, and I had no shame in people seeing me with this book like I do when I'm reading other sleezy romance novels Hemingway or Proust. 

I was recommended this book by a few of my reader-friends. A girlfriend said I would love it, and my gay boyfriend said after reading the first chapter, he knew this was just my kind of book. It's true. It's romantic and complicated, but also intelligent. It covers these friends' lives for one day over a twenty-year period--get the title now--nudge nudge--and how their relationship evolves and changes as they change.  Plus, its plot is unexpected, and I can say, I was shocked--like audibly gasped shocked--more than once while reading this. 

I give it 9 awwws out of 10 perfect kisses.

And I hear chatter--just quiet rumblings--that a movie is out about it with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. For a little peek:

I gotta go see that movie now. I hear it's good. Tissues might be necessary.

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