Monday, August 8, 2011

My, Grandmother, What Fine Fur You Have!

As I've been perusing fall fashion editorials, I've noticed a common theme: fur. Yes, the fashion world is loving the fuzzy furry look at the moment. Real or fake, there's a lot of variety in style and color, and I just lament the fact that never in my life has Arizona been cold enough to warrant wearing faux (or real) fur. Let's hope some of you are in cooler climates and can swing a few furry pieces into your wardrobe come fall! Ciao dahlings. I'm off to sip brandy in my summa cottage in Verm-ahnt. (Is that what people with fur do? Yes. Yes it is.) 

Numero #123, Fashion Gone Rogue, Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2011Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2011, Fashion Gone Rogue, Fashion Gone Rogue, Vogue US July 2011, Vogue Paris April 2011, Vogue China March 2011, Numero #122, Fashion Gone RogueBergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2011Vogue US July 2011

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