Monday, August 22, 2011

Smokin' Sherlock

Ladies and gentlemen, today I am the happiest girl in the world. This weekend I watched Masterpiece Mystery!: Sherlock and my mind has been blown. Many of you know I'm an actress, so I really get off on good writing, acting, and directing. You heard right. I get off on it. Sexy. Who says that? Anyways, I digress. This show is sooo good! It really confirms to me that there can be quality in television. The acting is crazy good by both leads--Benedict Cumberbatch (as Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (as Dr. Watson). They created really complex, interesting characters. It aired on PBS--they killed it. 

The series consists of three 90-minute episodes, so savor them. BUT! Do you know what I found out?@?!!?! I went into this series thinking that these episodes were all there is. I didn't think they continued the series at all, but THEY ARE!! They started filmed new episodes this summer. I'm relieved. It's like telling a crack addict they can have three hits and then it's gone forever (I endorse lots of drug use), so they do it, get their hopes up, and shatter it, and THEN telling the crack addict that they can have three more! Do you see the reason for my joy?! CRACK.  SHERLOCK! Fo EVA.

I almost forgot to mention--all three episodes are instant streaming on Netflix. Hells yes.

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