Monday, October 31, 2011

Common Stand-by Costumes for Procrastinators and Lazy People

Happy Halloween you crazy kids! Hopefully you all had wonderful weekends! For myself, I had a lovely night followed by a not-so-lovely morning. And so, I am starting a movement to grant Halloween ONE day of fun. One. Not a weekend. Not a 5-day costume-filled spree. My body can't take the pressure. It hurts too much. Which is why, after slaving away for days on the perfect Gaga costume (pictures to come), I have decided that tonight--on actual Halloween--I am going to be a lazy Halloweener (haha weener...) and go as a comfy biker girl with no heels or special adornment of any kind. I am protesting. And in passionate protests like these, you have to start with numero uno: yourself.

In this regard, I am writing out a list of the easiest and comfiest Halloween costumes you can find at home.

Common Stand-by Costumes for Procrastinators and Lazy People:

#1: A Ghost: Oooo scary....all you need is a sheet and some scissors and you're a scary ghost or a friendly Casper.

#2: A Cowgirl: Easy. A jean skirt or some shorts plus a tied-up checked shirt and some pigtails. Hello, five minute costume. 

#3: Bubblegum: This is mainly a color-dependent outfit. Throw on all the pink you own. You might be mistaken for Pepto Bismol, but only quitters let that hold them back.

#4: White Trash: Litterally (get it? ahh, puns) all you need is a white trash bag. So yes, you'll be wearing a trash bag all night, but that won't stop you from being awesome.

#5: Dexter: If you're feeling in the mood for a cultural reference, go as this good guy serial killer. All you need is an olive-colored shirt, some darker pants, maybe some gloves if you're feeling fancy, and a splash of blood (lipstick is an acceptable substitute).

#6: A Biker Chic: This is my choice for the morrow. You need a bandana, shirt with cut-off sleeves, and draw on some quick skull tattoos, and you're good to go! We can be twinsies.

I hope this was helpful for ya'll. Now have a crazy night, you youngsters! Eat way too much candy and silly string the heck out of things.

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