Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Color!

And in today's edition of "This Color!", we are discussing Burgundy. (oooooo....ahhhhh....) This wine color has been what everyone (read: bloggers) has been talking about as of late, and I gotta say, like a fine wine, I appreciated it initially, but it's only gotten better with age. (Glorious, glorious similes.) I didn't truly appreciate it until this spread by Elle Russia, and then my heart went pitter patter. Plus, I threw in a picture of Diane Kruger from Citizen K for good measure. I hope you enjoy. Preferably while drinking a glass of wine this fine Thursday evening.

Elle Russia, Elle Russia, Citizen K


  1. I must admit I don't have any Burgandy in my wardrobe but you have showcased it so beautifully here - my heart went pitter patter too with a shoot like this :) Great colour and considering I love Red SO much, and they're practically sisters I really must give the colour a go!

    Anna xo


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