Monday, November 28, 2011

These Shoes!

We women have a particular fascination with shoes. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because they can change the whole look of our outfit (or body--hi there, posture)--, or that they keep our toes warm, or because we're attracted to shiny things, or but they can be rather consuming. Which ones to get, (how to pay for them), which color, what to wear them with--these all are part of a woman's shoe shopping experience.

Shoes can be many things. There's the shoe of the moment that EVERYONE is talking about:
Miu Miu
There is the androgynous shoe:

There is the shoe as art installation:

But in this particular moment, I'm loving this shoe:
Alexander Wang

I'm loving the minimalist lines and the way it elongates the leg. Love love love. A little different look than this sucker, ain't it?:

Now I understand that you East Coasters or people who live in places where it gets colder than 60 degrees, might think, "welp, that's an impractical winter shoe...". And you would be right. This is not appropriate for you. In lieu of that (and spring's arrival), here is this shoe:

Alexander Wang
Equally sexy with the added benefit of not getting hypothermia. Win win.

All photos courtesy of and the particular designers, except the second to last one which is courtesy of

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