Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here's to A Better Life

I had the good fortune of attending a screening of A Better Life tonight with a Q & A afterwards with the movie's director: Chris Weitz (director of American Pie and About a Boy, and producer of A Single Man). 

Here is the trailer:

And while the movie was good and really socially relevant--especially in California and other border states--I found the discussion afterwards to be most interesting. I love hearing from directors about their process and their interaction with actors. Mostly I just love hearing from successful people how they got to be so successful. And from careful listening, I've discovered the secret: BLIND OPTIMISM. These people may not have known entirely what they were doing or how they were doing it, but they prepared themselves for the task at hand and worked hard to convince other people that they could be counted on.

So, it's time to no-holds-barred convince yourself and those around you that you are the most fantastic version of whatever it is you'd like to be. Let's inject a little naivete, optimism, and stubbornness into our everyday lives and see where it takes us. Hopefully, just as far as we expected.

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