Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Women to Women

I had a really great week last week. I was going through really big life changes (trying to find a new job and a new house in a new state--not to mention trying to find the courage to do the things I wanted to do). And all along the way I met these women who seemed to be my guardian angels.

First, I was shopping for an interview outfit. This is not an easy task. If any of you have done this, you know that work clothes are UGLY. The man jackets and ill-fitting slacks...I got overwhelmed very quickly. And then I started talking to a lady who worked at the shop I was at. She used to work in HR and gave interviews for a living! She was so helpful. She gave me so much advice on what looked professional and gave a good immediate impression. (I know this is a fashion blog and you want to hear that you can wear stilettos, jeans, and a designer bag on an interview and you'll be fine, but unfortunately this is not the case. You just have to ignore the ugly--work blazers really do give a good first impression--I've gotten so much positive feedback this week from jobs and I swear it's because of the knee-length skirt and blazer.) She was so great! I'm so grateful to her. She really eased my mind of interview outfit stress.

Secondly, I have a ball coming up--YES, A BALL!!! I am a modern-day Cinderella, people. This ball is a black tie event. I don't know about you, but I've never worn a floor-length gown for anything (prom included) much less attended a black tie event. So I had no idea how to style my black floor length vintage dress. I was stressing about what accessories to wear, how to do my hair, what shoes to get, all of it. But I was moving forward and taking my dress to get fitted. And who should be at my appointment, but a lady who practically goes to black tie events for a living. She gave me advice on all my questions (Answers: Small clutch, big earrings, no necklace; hair curly half up-half down; strappy black shoes). I was so relieved to get to talk to another woman who had expert experience in the problem I was having.

Finally, I had my first interview of the week with a fantastic woman. She was so kind and supportive. If you all have been on interviews, you know they can be stressful. All the questions, and the testing, and them seeing if you're crazy or not. It's like a blind date, but worse, because there's no chance of kissing at the end. Anyways, this lady was like a mom and grandma and guidance counselor rolled into one. She made me feel valuable and competent. She made me feel really confident going into the rest of my interviews.

I guess the reason I bring this up--after all this backstory--is to say the effect women can have on each other is astounding. The way we can help each other and guide each other and build each other up should not be taken lightly. I'll probably never see these women again, but the effect they had on my day--and week--was profound. They were each the guardian angels I needed at that moment.

I want to be able to be that angel to someone else. I want to make someone's day better by being in it. Don't you?

Pic from i-D Spring 2011 of Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss by Kayt Jones

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