Friday, September 2, 2011

Seeing Red

Oh man, I'm so excited for fall to be here! I'm ready for cooler weather, sweaters, Oktoberfest, Halloween, and RED LIPSTICK. Oh lipstick, how I love thee. You channel my inner Mad Men girl. You make me want to wear dresses when I'm drowning in a sea of jean. You make me feel like I'm living in a metropolitan heaven and not Phoenix, Arizona. Now, as much as I love you, red lipstick, I have a little beef with you. When I wear you, I look good as long as my mouth stays closed. But the second I speak or smile, it makes my top lip look surprisingly small--and as beauty standards of today stand--like a sad little caterpillar. And I don't want to have to draw outside my natural lip line with you. But maybe this is a fate I must resign myself to. Or maybe we should break up and I should just stick to gloss.

Readers, what do you think? Does anyone have advice for me and my fickle boyfriend?

Harper's Bazaar UK 2011

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