Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week Forecast: Day Four

Stripes are the name of the game today, folks! As part of* our nine-part series elucidating the fashion a la mode, today we will discuss the merits of the use of stripes in our day-to-day outfit circuit. We begin by bringing to light the simplicity of such a look and the benefits when attracting a mate. Males of our species tend not to understand the complicated "high fashion" that so many designers create. The use of shoulder pads, turbans, headpieces, and the like are too distracting when males are trying to observe the breast and gluteus regions of the female form. However, stripes are perfectly understood in their small and simplistic brains.

*begin use of English accent

Therefore, if you would like to look like this happy striped zebra couple:

I would recommend copious amounts of stripes in your fashion endeavors. For more examples of happy striped girls, observe the following photographs:

Christian Siriano
J. Mendel
Jeremy Scott
Norma Kamali
Tory Burch
Christian Siriano
 The zebra photograph was courtesy of Planet Science, while the fashion photographs were courtesy of Merci beaucoup!

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