Friday, September 9, 2011


Hey lovahs! I've been a cooking fiend this week. I've made steak, zucchini with onions and parmesan, and cheese-stuffed mushrooms; I've roasted a chicken and turned it into chicken salad...and in a few moments I'll be making chicken wings with celery and carrots. My mom took the camera with her on a trip to San Diego, so unfortunately these culinary masterpieces have gone unrecorded. I could be making this whole thing up. For all you know, I've had frozen pizza all week. And that's why they call it faith. Perhaps I'll put the recipes up for you this week. I've just been lazy about posting recipes because it takes so long to write them out. But I will just have to push through. For now, here's a lovely sneak peek at Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2012 campaign. I want those dresses!!! Karlie Kloss is fantastic. Did anyone else know SHE'S NINETEEN?!?! I hate it when people younger than me are outrageously more successful. I swear I thought she was like 26/27-years-old. She probably wouldn't like hearing that... (video go)

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