Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Geek Chic

Ladies! I found out where the boys are!!

I don't know how many of you are Nerds-- or more affectionately Geek Chic Ladies/ Gentlemen-- but for those of you who are, I attended CES (Consumer Electronics Show) a week ago in wild Las Vegas on some company dime. Holla at your girl. I figure I'm officially a grown-up since my work is sending me places for free. Especially Vegas. No lame corporate weekend bonding trips in the mountains for me. I'm a city girl, I is. 

Now, I'd never been to CES before so I had no idea what to expect....I should have expected everything. ALL THE THINGS. Everything that we buy was there. Everything that has a battery or plugs in or contains any form of energy whatsoever was there. There were computers and cars and radios and iPod accessories and 3D gadgets and headphones and washing machines. Literally. Everything we buy. So it was overwhelming and huge and impossible to soak in (even over 4 days of walking and staring bug-eyed).

Here are some pictures from my days there. And like any responsible blogging girl, I FOUND THE ONE PAIR OF SHOES AT THE ENTIRE EVENT. I think they're made of plastic....silicone? Rubber? Not quite sure on the deets. But I guess cubify.com has a little machine that makes them right in front of your eyes. I filmed a video of the process (see below), I've rewatched that video, and I'm still a little fuzzy on the science of it all. Perhaps, ya'll are a bit more tech-y than I. 

Oh yeah, Xzibit and 50 Cent were there. I was mere feet away from both of them. I got a pic of Xzibit, but unfortunately not Fiddy because his entourage was composed of 10 guys, each over 6'5''. Little Lauren couldn't see over their heads. Sad day. Plus they walked really fast. So there's that. 

"Why were rappers at the nerd convention?" Good question. 

Also, Bieber was there. But I missed the little man and his hair (that keeps getting shorter). Twelve-year-old girls' heads are exploding that I could miss such an opportunity. But frankly I was a little bummed. Apparently last year GAGA was there. THAT would've made my head explode.

Enjoy the Geek Chick Fest:

This is that Cubify video (above)! It made those shoes and chess pieces you see in the pictures above. 

Thanks CES! It was a delightful time!


  1. Call me a geekette, but I'm soooo envious of your trip to CES. At least it wasn't Comic Con--that might do me in... Anyway, I'm so happy to get some juicy details via your blog. Flo Flo ya know:) (couldn't figure out the comment identity business!)

  2. I love the chess pieces-that was sweet of you to think of me!


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