Friday, February 3, 2012

Midnight to 50

Los Angeles is really good for my movie star dreams. This week I was lucky enough to attend a screening of Midnight in Paris and 50/50 hosted by the Malibu Film Society. The director of 50/50, Jonathan Levine, stopped by to talk about the film afterwards. He was really interesting. I got to speak with him after the screening. Normally, I never talk to celebrity-type people (remember how I was a foot away from Xzibit and didn't say a word?), but this was a smaller venue so I felt braver than usual. He was nice. He talked about his early days in film school and the trials and errors of working on projects with few resources.

So, if you think about it, I am now one degree away from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan. Think about it.

Just in case you didn't know, Midnight in Paris is an Oscar-nominated film about a man's love of Paris and days gone by. There's plenty of Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. A lot of people love this movie. Most people love this movie. ....I find it a bit silly. You know that discussion you had with your girlfriends in middle school about which decade you would live in if you could live in a different time? (answer: 1920's) This movie is basically just two hours of talking about that. I don't me, it's just a little predictable. But, don't let me influence you, because most everyone I know likes the movie.

Lauren's Rating: 7.8 dulling cocktail dresses out of 10 bottles of Champagne

Now, 50/50 was an interesting bag. It was simultaneously terribly sad and really funny. Despite the sadness of the material (cancer in a young man), you never felt very hopeless. If you know a little about the movie, you know that it was written by the man that this happened to (Will Reiser), so you know he lives in the end. I hope that's not too much of a spoiler...if it was, oops! Sorry 'bout it. Ultimately, I really enjoyed it.

Lauren's Rating: 8.4 medical marijuana cards out of 10 pube razors

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