Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do Some Time With The One You Love

Time for a movie review, people! We are ever-expanding our horizons and today is another day in that effort. Yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather, so it called for an all day lazy movie time. I just wanted to watch a comedy to get me out of my sick funk, and so I stumbled upon "I Love You Phillip Morris" (available instantly on Netflix). 

I had no context going into this movie. All I could remember is I saw one preview many years ago, and the only thing I could remember from that was that it was about two gay guys. ThasallIgot. Little did I know, it was the gay man's version of "Catch Me If You Can" (the one with Leo DiCap and Tom Hanks). 

Starring in this version, however, was Jim Carrey playing conman Steven Russell and Ewan McGregor as his love, Phillip Morris. It really was quite an interesting true story of a guy who could slip in and out of prison like it was dollar shot night at the corner burlesque bar. Plus, there was a sweet love story as the through line. It was entertaining but had its slow moments where I could doze in my sickened state. So, all in all, really good for a lazy movie choice.

Lauren's Movie Rating: 7.8 men's size hooker heels out of 10 prison guards

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