Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All about the hair

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever done a post about hair before...this will probably make my mother and sister cringe, because it just affirms how little I concern myself with my hair. My sister, for example, will go into a haircut appointment with five pictures showing the style, color, cut, etc that she wants her hair to end up as, while I, on the other hand, go into my appointments with nothing more than a shrug and "just make me look good?". Little things like this make me wonder how in the world we could be related, but then we start listening to John Mayer (who we're both equally obsessed with) and it all becomes clear again. 

I'm straying from my point. 

All of this was to say that I'm finally doing a hair post! I saw this picture of this cuter-than-ever braided bun, and thought to myself "this is totally doable. i think i will do my hair this way today." So I'm sharing it with you all. Because if it looks simple enough that even I am willing to put the time in and cute enough to warrant my bothering to do so, then it's a winner of a hairstyle. 

Hope you think it's as cute as I do! (Although I doubt I'll add the bow. I'm not as girly as all that.)

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