Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dexter. I feel like I have to psych myself up to talk about this series on Showtime. It’s just SO GOOD. It deserves nothing less. I got hooked on it two years ago, and it’s been my crack ever since. Which if you knew me, is slightly surprising because even the CSI’s are just too gruesome for me. And considering this is a show about a serial killer, there is an expectation of a certain amount of blood. But I gotta say, they do it right. There’s not excessive, needless violence, and more importantly, there’s no violence directed at innocent people (at least in Dexter’s case). I think I’m getting ahead of myself. This show follows Dexter, who through truly unfortunate circumstances in his childhood, feels the need to kill. With his father’s help, he learns to control his urges and directs his need towards murderers, rapists–just generally bad people. Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything, I’m pretty sure all of this is revealed in the pilot or very soon after. Anyways, it’s going to be starting its 5th Season TONIGHT at 10 pm. And after it’s killer season 4 finally–pun intended–I’m waiting with bated breath.


    I was on the edge the whole time. It just keeps getting better.

  2. I know!! He is soo good! Have you seen the new one?


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