Monday, October 29, 2012

Will work for candy

Hello dolls! Hope all is well. As you know, this week is Halloween week! If you haven't already been inundated with Halloween costume ideas for each party you're invited to (because apparently this Halloween is 5 nights of partying? Ugh, Wednesday holidays...). 

So, just in case you need some last minute costume ideas, this year I've taken to inspiration of the miniature sort. Honestly, I'm tired of the slutty girl outfits. WE CAN BE MORE ORIGINAL LADIES! So in this vein of thinking, I've taken to looking at costume ideas that creative mothers make for their children. No slut allowed, but so original, cute, and simple (some of them, anyway). I, personally, borrowed ideas from the French boy in the second picture. So fun. Plus, I got to walk around with a wine bottle all night, so it was practical as well as comfortable.

Hopefully you enjoy your creative costumes as much as I did.

Happy Halloween!

 All images from pinterest.

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